… The fact that Hegerberg’s protest wasn’t top news in the U.S. like it would be for a male superstar is part of what inspired Relevent Sports Group to make her the focus of the company’s first full-length documentary, available now on ESPN+.

“If it were [Lionel] Messi or [Cristiano] Ronaldo sitting out a World Cup, you wouldn’t have to say anything; it would have been the biggest story in the world,” Relevent Sports Group CEO Daniel Sillman said. “Because it’s a women’s footballer, it goes a bit unnoticed. So we’re just trying to get as much attention for Ada and her story, and empower as many women’s athletes as we can.”

The Drone Racing League (DRL), the global, professional drone racing property, today announced the 2020 DRL Allianz World Championship Season and their first-ever Drone Racing League Simulator on Xbox. Featuring a new competition format, new video game on console, and new ways for fans to stream the sport, the 2020 Season will kick off a new era of sport.

Danny Sillman is CEO of Relevent Sports Group, a sports event company that established the International Champions Cup preseason tournament among the world’s biggest soccer clubs.

We’ve challenged our teams to [ask], if we were starting our business from scratch today, how would we build it? What are the investments we make? Everybody talks about strategic development and focusing on long-term planning, but I don’t think we would have really given our teams a blank slate to say, Hey, let’s go rebuild our business from scratch, had we not had the pandemic.

Obviously, there’s great financial harm to anybody who’s in the live events business. There’s no ignoring that. But on the positive side, we’ve tried to focus on what we can change. There was a focus of our organization to leverage our expertise in storytelling, marketing, sales, and event production, and build a well-regarded content development operation. That’s something we’ve worked on for the past two years but has been expedited by COVID.

We’ve actually built our own newsroom, based in Mexico, very similar to how we’ve run one for (Spanish soccer league) La Liga for their North American operation. It’s for our owned and operated channels (for brands) that Relevant owns like the International Champions Cup men’s, women’s, and Futures events. So we’ve shifted our focus from just events to content development.

The Drone Racing League has named Rachel Jacobson, a longtime NBA executive, as its new president.

The leaders in the drone racing scene, the Drone Racing League are once again breaking boundaries by opening up its 2020 racing series to 16-year-olds. We got the chance to interview DRL‘s COO, Ashley Ellefson and ask a few questions about the reason for lowering the age limit and what it will do for the future of the sport.

When LaLiga and Relevent Sports Group announced last August that they were signing a 15-year joint venture to promote the league and soccer in North America, one element of the deal dominated the conversation – the plan to host a regular season LaLiga match in the U.S., which would be the first held outside of Europe.

The International Champions Cup began in 2013 as a way to increase the significance of European soccer clubs’ preseason tours. Relevent Sports Group transformed a handful of seemingly meaningless summer friendlies with nothing on the line into an annual competition featuring some of the game’s greatest clubs including Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Juventus and Paris St. Germain.

Everyone tries to network. But very people do it well.

Why? Because they’re networking.

Hold that thought.

Imagine you’re a student at the University of Michigan. You meet fellow student and football star Brandon Graham. Brandon asks you to be his agent; instead you launch Compass Management Group, a multi-family office for athletes and entertainers, with Brandon as your first client. Later you sell your business, join RSE Ventures, and then become the CEO of Relevent Sports Group.

Real Madrid and Manchester United have been confirmed as part of a selection of teams competing at this summer’s International Champions Cup, live across ESPN platforms.

This year’s tournament, the seventh edition of the trophy, will host 12 clubs playing 18 matches across the United States, Europe and Asia. Tottenham are the defending champions.

The 10th season of ABC’s hit show Shark Tank premiered this month, with the entrepreneurial-themed reality show airing its 200th episode since it launched in 2009. The current season has a heavy sports influence: Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has been a fixture as a “shark” since Season 2, and Charles Barkley and Alex Rodriguez are appearing as guest sharks.

While Barkley and Rodriguez have the name recognition as all-time great players in the NBA and MLB, another guest shark is a much bigger tycoon in the sports world. Matt Higgins, the CEO of private investment firm RSE and vice chairman of the Miami Dolphins, sees more than 100 deals come across his desk every month. He makes his debut tonight as a guest shark after years of cutting deals in the sports, entertainment and food industries. He’ll make a second appearance later this season.

“The show is what I do in my day job. [RSE] supplies whatever entrepreneurs need to go the rest of the distance, whether that is capital or real estate advice or a stadium to put your drone race in,” says Higgins, who invested $1 million in 2015 for the first round of funding for the Drone Racing League and then provided the venue for the first race with the Dolphins’ home. RSE bills itself as a “one-stop shop for entrepreneurs.”