Momofuku Taps Paul Carmichael for a Restaurant and a New Direction

The former chef at Momofuku Seiobo in Sydney, Australia, returns to New York to play a key role in shaping the company.

“There are only two reasons to open a new restaurant,” said the company’s chief executive, Marguerite Zabar Mariscal, noting that Momofuku has not opened anything since the pandemic began. “One is having a really great concept. The other, which is much rarer, is a talent like Paul that you can build around.”

Mr. Carmichael will “be instrumental in shaping the next generation of chefs at Momofuku,” Mr. Chang said this week by email. “Having him back in the States means more than just being closer to Paul’s food; we want him to build a legacy through mentorship.”

(Excerpt from: NYT)

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